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Oct 24, 2022 / ACCESSWIRE

EXOGEN Hydrogen Solutions and Jericho Energy Ventures announce a strategic partnership to bring break-through hydrogen technology to the European Union.

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Jericho DCC(TM) achieves nearly 100% hydrogen combustion efficiency
Hydrogen Technologies, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jericho Energy Ventures Inc. has announced that its Dynamic Combustion Chamber (DCC™) hydrogen boiler has been validated as operating with an overall GHG-free fuel combustion efficiency of nearly 100% in recent independent testing by Process Engineering Associates, LLC, a...
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Technology learning curves predict green, low-cost energy future
At EXOGEN, we are on the lowest-cost path for energy.   The long-term trends provide a clue as to how this competition may be resolved: The prices of fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas are volatile, but after adjusting for inflation, prices now are very similar to what they were 140 years ago, and there is no obvious...
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Janet Reiser, President of Hydrogen Technologies Inc.
Leadership by our strategic technology partner HT LLC.    Janet Reiser, President of Hydrogen Technologies, LLC, has been chosen for the “Women in Hydrogen 50″ which profiles 50 influential and boundary-pushing women in the growing hydrogen sector. Ms. Reiser was selected for, and will be profiled as, one...
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Blue is the new green

Decarbonising industrial steam with green hydrogen. Brian Williamson, CEO of Jericho Energy Ventures, H2-technology partner of EXOGEN, discusses the critical role of industrial steam in the energy transition.

With green hydrogen as the feedstock of choice at EXOGEN, we can replace 45% of energy-related GHG emissions. On our path to net zero, we must shift away from fossil fuel use in industry and heating.