Our Mission

Our mission is to decarbonise energy with green hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future.

Today, 37% of fossil fuel burned by industry is just to produce steam. With existing technology, this can and must be zero.

District heating burns 14EJ in fossil fuels per year, responsible for 40% of global CO2 emissions. This also must be zero.

Shipping, transport, mobility, and power applictions will equally and effectively run on renewable fuels. 

We are on a clear technology path for solar to produce the lowest cost energy to power our economy. Green hydrogen, produced from renewable energy sources, offers an extraordinary opportunity for accelerating inclusive growth in our generation and for a sustainable future to come.

Extraordinary Opportunity

Overlooked by many, solar power already today is the cheapest source of energy.

Two-thirds of the global population lives in a country where either onshore wind or utility- scale solar power is the cheapest source of new bulk electricity generation.

This set of countries accounts for three-quarters of global gross domestic product, worth $65 trillion, and 90% of world electricity generation. 

Green hydrogen as the energy carrier of choice, produced from renewable energy sources, is set to transform our economy. Decarbonisation is an environmental imperative and now comes with extraordinary economic benefits.

Our Core Values

We aspire to be the equal opportunity employer of choice in the emerging hydrogen technology ecosystem.